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Family start-up business uses modern ergonomics, safer materials and design aesthetics to re-invent the sports water bottle.

Tampa, Florida, March 29, 2014 – Safety can be an afterthought when purchasing a sports water bottle.  Consumers may focus on BPA concerns, but what about other potential hazards?  Visual obstruction, arm fatigue, dropped bottles, accidental spills, and lurking germs are typical problems.  RELAJ strategically partnered with leading specialists in plastics and ergonomic design to address these problems, completely modernizing the squeezable water bottle.

RELAJ first eliminated the line-of-site obstruction caused by traditional water bottles, a particular concern for cyclists.  According to CEO Bruce Bernstein, “the idea for RELAJ came when our 14 year old son noticed a cyclist in the Tour de France fumble for a moment while drinking from his bottle, and expressed his concerns about taking his eyes off the road while drinking on his bike.”

Traditional water bottles are barrel shaped, with wide top caps and short, stubby center spouts. This configuration impedes liquid flow and can force users to tilt their heads back, possibly diverting their view.  RELAJ addressed this design flaw with a patented tapered shape, which allows liquids to seamlessly flow and enables the bottle to be easily tipped away from the user’s face.  In a recent Bicycling Magazine article, riders were advised to tilt the bottle instead of lifting their head for more control.  The new RELAJ Shape makes this positioning incredibly easy.

To address arm fatigue, the potential for dropped bottles and overall bottle control, RELAJ ergonomically designed the bottle mid-section with a contoured grip area that can be comfortably held and controlled – with minimal strain on the forearm – and also fits perfectly in standard bike cages and cup holders.

To protect against accidental spills and splashes, RELAJ incorporated a LeakLock valve into the top cap.  Similar to a heart valve, the RELAJ valve has a cross-shaped cut that opens when the bottle is squeezed to flow water, then creates a seal when the squeeze is relaxed.

Award winning designers were instrumental in developing an “easy-to-clean” bottle.  According to co-founder Becky Bernstein, “When our designer, Jonathan Marks, first started the project, he cut open several of his own water bottles and was shocked at what he found inside, even though he always carefully cleaned his bottles.”  To address this, the RELAJ Shape completely disassembles – both top and bottom cap – so all the hard to reach places, can be thoroughly cleaned.  It also is dishwasher safe, even on the bottom rack.

The company chose high-end, durable plastics, which allow the bottles to be manufactured with very thin walls, making them easy-to-squeeze.  They are BPA-Free with none of the plastic taste/odors often associated with plastic sports water bottles.

The simple aesthetics of the RELAJ design makes it nice and convenient to be used anywhere.

The RELAJ Shape will be offered for sale at $12.99 plus $6.00 shipping on the RELAJ website.  However, through May 3rd, you can support the launch of RELAJ with a $25 donation and receive 2 bottles with free U.S. shipping at Kickstarter.  The Bernstein’s added, “We’re really thrilled that the Kickstarter community will be the first to support and use our bottles.”

About RELAJ Inc.

RELAJ is a family owned business founded in 2008 to design safer-to-use water bottles. Our mission is to promote better performance, health and well-being by encouraging convenient hydration for athletes and non-athletes.  To learn more, please visit, or contact the company.

Contact Information:
Bruce Bernstein
470 Severn Avenue
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Phone: 813-944-3115