Relaj Shape

Relaj® Shape™ Water Bottle: “Shaped for Safety™” – for Sports: Cycling, Runner, Hiking, Yoga and More – Fits Bottle Holders and Bike Cages – BPA Free & Spill Proof for KidsB00MXCDZOQ.Main




Easier and More Convenient Is Better… Increased Safety Rocks!

Imagine the ease of drinking from your shiny new Relaj® Shape™ while on your bike; running; hiking; or even while driving your car – without having to tip
your head to get the water from the bottle… Seems like a little thing, but Relaj ‘Tip the Bottle, Not your Head™’ technology makes a big
difference. Designed with users and functionality in mind, the Relaj Shape is Safer and Easier to use. Here’s what the Los Angeles Times had to say:

“Relaj® is easier to use (and therefore safer) than a normal, blunt shaped bottle due to the sleek spout,
which allows you to angle the bottle more while drinking, and angle your head less.”
Roy Wallack
LA Times, May 25, 2013

Like glass water bottles, the Relaj Shape is 100% dishwasher safe – all racks in the machine – and completely disassembles,
for the most thorough cleaning, including inside the top cap and under our Patented LeakLockTM Valve.

Designed and Patented for Safety, Comfort, Performance, and Style

* Ergonomic, Textured Grip Areas
* Opens From Top & bottom for Easy Fill and Clean
* BPA Free – Odorless/Tasteless, Quality Materials
* 22oz/650ml

Splash/Spill Proof

The LeakLock Valve helps avoid messes before they happen, whether at your desk, in your car, or when your kids
accidentally knock the bottle over while playing in your house, your stuff is safe!

Relaj offers a one year, iron clad Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Special Pricing: Consider Getting 2 (or more) One for you and one for a Friend!

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